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FAQs  and official info on the Vitamins platform.
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General questions:

Discover everything you need to know about our platform.

Vitamins is an HR data analytics platform that transforms employee feedback into clear, actionable insights. This helps you foster employee well-being, retain top talent, and create supportive work environments.

No, you can start with a pilot group or initial team and easily expand to other teams without resurveying the test group.

To collect honest feedback, employees need to know that they can be free to share in a confidential way. This is why responses are completely separate from any kind of personally identifiable information such as department, employee ID number, email, or other unique identifiers. Respondents cannot be identified.

The Vitamins platform has real-time reporting. Our model processes the data automatically, providing instant reporting and dashboards at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

The platform can be up and running in less than six weeks.


Explore the extensive capabilities of our evidence-based surveys

Yes, the Vitamins platform is designed to accommodate the work context of both type of employees.

Our surveys are grounded in established methodologies and empirical research, meticulously crafted by Professor Bert Schreurs, an expert in HRM and organizational design, specifically for Vitamins. 

You can select questions from our library of 8 modules, supplemented with custom questions tailored to your company’s needs. 

Currently, you have the option to select surveys targeting 8 specific outcomes, which we refer to as 'modules'. Professor Bert Schreurs is actively developing additional drivers and outcomes informed by scientific research to further enhance organizational impact. The available modules include: burn-out, retention, ambassadorship, well-being, engagement, citizenship, financial strain, and team dynamics.

We support your organization in communication strategies to maximize participation rates.

Pricing and licencing

Here, you'll find answers to common questions about the cost and licensing options for our tool.

The Vitamins platform offers fair pricing for every organization. Choose from three plans based on the features you need. Pricing varies for small and large companies, and we provide personalized quotes. Contact us for more details.

We understand the importance of getting a comprehensive view of our tool. We'll guide you through the platform, showcasing all its features to give you a thorough impression. Additionally, we are here to answer any questions you may have.

You have the option to choose between a one-time survey or an annual license. For continuous monitoring, we recommend opting for a license, which requires a minimum contract length of one year.

Yes all technical support is included. 


Discover the support that come with your licencing purchase, including types of support, new releases and support when you encounter problems.

You can find answers in our comprehensive support resources. Explore our FAQs, browse the knowledge base, or reach out directly to your account manager for personalized assistance.

Yes, our IT team will help you set up the Vitamins platform.

Our IT team is dedicated to continuous innovation of the tool. You can expect regular updates on new features from us.

We provide comprehensive assistance throughout your organization's onboarding process. Our goal is to ensure you become fully acquainted with the Vitamins platform, and we are available to address any questions you may have along the way.